Our Story


Code 1 Solutions is a local install shop geared to emergency vehicle outfitting for volunteers. From inception, Code 1 Solutions has committed itself to ensure that first responders are ready to respond, safely and consistently. We strive to reach this goal by making the installation process simple and convent, while offering prices that give you the highest value for your dollar.

Our #1 priority is to make sure that you are always ready to respond. This means that we will never cut corners in ways that may jeopardize your response. We are constantly innovating our techniques and streamlining our procedures in effort to increase our quality of work while still decreasing turn-around time.
Often times we are able to book an installation within 1 week. Sometimes however, customers are asked to wait a few weeks to outfit their vehicles. Being that our mission is to ensure that first responders are ready to respond, we have systems underway to be able to handle more than one car per week and we anticipate that there systems be operational by my mid-2018.
If a customer lives within a few min drive from our shop (5-10 min), we’ll offer to drive you home when you drop off your car, and pick you up when it’s ready. As a side note, we’re looking into getting a loaner car but as of now, the costs associated with this would not be beneficial to customers. (If you know a cost effective alternative, please reach out to us.)
Since emergency vehicle installations for volunteers is a niche market, we currently sustain our demand by operating one day a week. In effort to make the installation convenient, we work on a day that people don’t need their cars. To date, our experience shows that Sunday is the most convent day to give up your car for installation. Currently, we offer 24hr service on most configurations. This mean that if you drop off your car on Saturday Night, you’ll have your car completed by Sun night (ask us if your configuration qualifies). Our goal is to be equipped to offer 24hr service on configurations by Jan 1st 2018.
When we set the prices for the configurator (which will hopefully be operational with a month) we do so bearing in mind of our overarching goal: “To ensure that you are ready to respond”. We understand the importance of spending extra time on critical components during the installation process. As a result, our prices are not always the cheapest, but will always be the highest value for your dollar. To calculate the cost of installation, we have a simple criteria: by knowing how much time it would take to install something in a specific location, we calculate hours of labor, add in the cost supplies (wires, relays, etc.) and minimal overhead, just enough to cover our cost of operation and that’s it! Since our overarching mission is ensure that first responders are ready to respond, we want it done at the lowest cost possible without loosing money.
We guarantee our installation for a duration of 3 years, even though we expect it to last far beyond that. Should any issues arise within this period, we will repair it at no additional cost (unfortunately for repairs we are unable to offer rides to customers being that we are already loosing money on the repair). We warranty all equipment that has been purchased through us for this duration as well. In the circumstance that there is an issue with equipment that has not been purchased through us, charges may apply for the repair. The equipment that we supply are of higher standards of quality and undergo rigorous tests such that the rate of failure is extremely low. If for whatever reason you decide to tamper with any the installed equipment, doing so will void the warranty